Firefly & Wisp New Years

Welcome to Firefly & Wisp Publishing, where we bring Fantastic Books to Everyone! We have several genres and authors to choose from. If you’re interested in Fantasy, we have Justin Glennon, Earl Duncan, DL Zwissler, Elliot Spencer and Christopher Bryant! In Women’s fiction/Drama, we have Pia F. Davidson, and Agatha Rae. Erotica lovers, look no further, we have TR Stampz, Adora Dee, Mark Harris, Kristal McKerrington and Heather Lane. Looking for a little romance? A.L. Flagg, Danielle Lee Zwissler, Jenny Snow, Agatha Rae and Earl Duncan have you covered. Do you like box sets? We have many genres to choose from!  How about Anthologies?  We have several. No matter what you do and where you look on this site, you will find a book that will put a smile on your face!


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