The Last Time I Saw You Anthology

Hi, everyone, and welcome to “The Last Time I Saw You” anthology page.

Blurb:   Two years ago, my brother passed away and his absence has left an empty hole in me. The aching grief that I’ve experienced has been so hard to bear. I looked for people that could relate to me and my situation, I searched for books on the subject of siblings, I joined different groups, and I reached out to local grief counseling sites and support groups. But it just seemed that there was a general lack of sympathy for the mourning siblings.

As a writer, I wanted to change that, so I spoke to those that I’ve met in groups, and that have had such loss, and collected their stories within these pages. Through writing support, and love, we came together to remember our lost brothers and sisters in The Last Time I Saw You.

If you, too, are a sibling, and you have experienced this pain, feel free to find our group online at: The Last Time I Saw You Anthology, or any of the Siblings groups on Facebook.

The death of a sibling is one of the hardest things that you will ever go through. No matter what your age, losing a loved one is difficult. This anthology is a first hand account of the surviving sibling’s account on the last time they saw their sibling.

Thank you to the following authors of this lovely book:

Danielle Lee Zwissler, Catherine Ashton, Carole Weigle, Marissa Williams, Carlie, Chaeli Ferguson, Jodee Maloney, Joy Otto, Nicole James Wilson, Lisa Rose Flannery, Marie, Adele, Sylvia, Elizabeth, Clara Shelton, Pam, Lynelle Sturgeon, Ling-Ling (Lisa Corvi Suarez), Sabine Jordan, Maggie Bauer, Lori Ann Duncan, Marissa Casey, Jerolyn, Ales, Michele Kelley, Sheri Jolly, Melissa Robinson, Wendy Richardson, Donna, Chelsey Davis, Beth Anne Roe, Katie Harmeier, Cori Hass, Laura, Jeanette, Diane Rouillard, Robyn Gabe, Hilary Wilkins, Nicole Sovine, Laura Williams, Rebekah Jernberg, Gia, Devon Belanger, Meghan, Elizabeth Costanzo Goley, Kristina Ulmer, Nikki Gibson, Aaron Soliz, Alvina Garner, Heather, Wendy Morris, Jasmine Morris,  and Emily Morris.



Below is where you can find the anthology: If a title isn’t highlighted, that just means that the link is not live yet. Check back often for more updates.  9/15/2018

mock03 (2).pngThe Last Time I Saw You:


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