Book Trailer Friday 9/14/2018

Today’s book trailer fun is from AL Flagg’s book, “Yuletide Mishaps”. 

yuletide mishaps al flaggWhen Abby goes home for Christmas to her parent’s home in Alder Creek, she is surprised when her latest love interest is there… with her sister. In Yuletide Mishaps, there is one calamity after another for Abby, but in the true spirit of Christmas, her family bonds grow stronger, and the love that she has shared with Ben Sheridan will be put to test. Will they be able to put this behind them and move on, or will they deny themselves a love that could stand the test of time.

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mock16 - Copy - CopyPinned

When Scottish Athlete, Alexander “Freakshow” McDade travels to the States for the first time in his career, he meets Carrie, a shy, do-gooder with a perfect figure and an annoying way of always being right.

And Alex doesn’t like to be wrong.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that she was now assigned to him from the World Wide Wrestling Federation as his new agent?

They butt heads more than once over his career, and they verbal box better than anyone in the business.

And Alex won’t stop with the flirting.

He won’t stop talking about sex, orgasms, or the thrills that he wants to give her late at night. And he won’t stop speaking in that oh-so-sexy Scottish brogue.

She just has to remind herself that she wasn’t interested in the brand of loving that he had to offer.

Carrie Segal hates wrestlers.

In her experience, they’re arrogant, chauvinistic and childlike. And this particular one seemed to get under her skin more than any before.

Oh, but he was so sexy, and he had abs that she wanted to lick for days. How could anyone that cocky be that damned perfect?

Carrie’s never been much of a fighter, but with Alex, she enjoys the verbal sparring… She couldn’t help but wonder how he’d compare in the bedroom.

How could wrestling in the sheets be a bad thing?






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Anthology Thursday! 9/13/2018

Today is anthology Thursday!  YAY!

Today’s advertised anthology is: A Home for the Holidays

Our very romantic, Christmassy, holiday love book… and I think you will be impressed!

Check it out on AMAZON today!

12 Holiday stories to warm your heart this Christmas. 12 Authors to remember.

Dana Piazzi, Sylvia May Mitchell, Lisa Morgan, Sky Diamond, Danielle Lee Zwissler, A.L. Flagg, Brenda Hastings, Theresa Oliver, J.S. Wilsoncroft, Rebecca Nolan, Nikki Shah, and Earl Duncan


Flash Fiction Wednesday 9/12/2018

Hi!  Here’s your fun flash for the week:

Genre: You choose!

Time: 25 minutes (NO MORE)

ELEMENTS THAT YOU MUST USE IN YOUR STORY: a mountain, a pair of dull scissors and a letter that was never mailed.

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Terrific Tuesday

Today we will be having fun with Christopher Bryant!

Christopher wrote the amazing YA book “The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits”



*This info is from Chris’s Goodreads Page”

My name is Chris Bryant. I am 27. This is my first book and will not be the last. I’m an artist as well, so when the idea for The Sword of Hope popped into my head, I was ecstatic about writing the story. When drawing, I have to pay attention to all the little details. Each part tells a story. I believe that this is the reason I like writing so much, because I’m able to take those little parts and tell their story. I have been writing since I was little, always short stories about action or adventures I’d have liked to be on. My dream has always been to be able to get one of my stories published. This is my first full length story. I cant wait to see how people like it.

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You can find out more about Chris here:

Paula A. Howard

April 15, 2014

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits by Christopher Bryant the 1st of a series. Christian and Tiberius have pretty much lived an ideal life, as ideal as any life can be. Christian’s father died sometime ago and his brother, Barkley, has gone over to the dark side.
Christian and Tiberius have spent their days learning a fighting style caused Hope by their training master, Shino.

Things change for the boys when a little girl from their village disappears into the Forest of Lost Emotions. It is after this that Christian’s mother and Shino realize that they have to tell him of his destiny. He is to fight and kill the Black Knight. Christian 1st has to prove himself worthy of the Sword of Hope. He succeeds at the challenge like his grandfather. Unfortunately, his father died during the challenge. Tiberius goes with Christian on the journey not only as a friend but also because he has a role to play.

During their journey, they come into contact with some very strange things by anyone’s standards….. a city of cars that want to kill humans, cell phones that are angry and attack, an axe that can absorb souls, the Black Knight, and a boy names Cryo, and Pops. I don’t think Pop’s can be trusted but that is just my reaction. I am sure we will find out for sure in later books.

Cryo is killed while helping our heroes. It is through Cryo that Tiberius comes to own the magical axe. His death spurs Tiberius ever more to find and help destroy the Black Knight.

This is a fantastic fantasy and action YA book. The Sword of Hope: Destiny Awaits is going to hold the interest of anyone who reads it. I plan on putting this in the school library for grades 5-8. One of the wonderful things about this YA books is that there is no sex, drugs or foul language. Thank you, Christian Bryant, for writing a book that is full of action and fantasy that will hold the interest and attention of my students without the need to do so through sex, drugs or language. I deeply appreciate that.

Monday 9/10/18


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Welcome to Firefly, Jenny Snow!

We are pleased to announce our newest Romance author, Jenny Snow!  

Jenny’s new book “The Holiday Girl” is having its COVER REVEAL tomorrow on September 10th!

The HolidayGirl

The debut for the book will be this week!  Watch our blog for more details:)

Firefly & Wisp

Sunday Funday!

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Erotica Saturday

Heather Lane has written several sexy, erotic stories. Here’s her Amazon page so you can find everything that you are looking for.