Flash Fiction Wednesday

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Genre: Romance

Word count: 2500 Words

Use the following words: Barf bag, Jumper, cat and robe


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Terrific Tuesday

This Tuesday we celebrate Pia F. Davidson!

The Taming of The Swine Paperback

About the author
My name is Pia F. Davidson and I was born in 1956. I grew up and have lived in several of Stockholm’s suburbs. My education includes meat, processed meat, cheese and fish, as well as supervision and management within retail. This is my first novel. I live with my husband and a part time dog in Stockholm Sweden. A very special part in my heart is left in Fort Myers Florida where my husband and I lived for 15 years.
Unfortunately, my parents are no longer living, but they have both been of great help throughout my writing process. My cunning father is even a character in the book. My mother introduced me to books early in life, and for that I am eternally grateful. Naturally, they would have been proud that I have written a novel worthy of being published. But it is quite possible they would have been horrified by some of the content. Please visit my page for more information www.piafdavidson.se

Sunday Funday

Today is all about TR STAMPZ!

Spice it Up! PaperbackThe Many Lives of Mandy Kindle EditionHot Ridez Kindle EditionWhispers in the Dark: An erotica collection

Hello! My name is T. R. Stampz and I am the author of erotic short stories. My book, Hot Ridez, is the first book to be published. Hot Ridez is a collection of short stories all about sexy men who have a need for speed except in the bedroom where they like to take their time and draw out the passion. I fell in love with each of these men as I wrote them and hope that you will to.

I can be found on
Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/trstamp
Twitter: @TRStampz
Website at http://www.wix.com/trstamp2/t-r-stampz-author

To me writing is a way for me to express my creativity and quiet the voices in my head. I have always had little stories and scenarios going through my head and I finally found that if I write them down they will quiet, for a time. Each voice is a unique individual character. I have always had a feeling of wanting to create something and writing was the only way I found that I can feel successful in that endeavor.

I still remember the first erotica book I ever read. It was mixed into some free books a neighbor gave us. Since I was the only one in our family that was an avid reader, I took the books and ran to my room to explore the new worlds I was given. In this box of books was a book that I knew I was not supposed to have at age fifteen, but the couple on the cover had me hiding it in my room so no one would take it from me. After reading this book, I knew at some time in my life I was going to write stories just like this. I also write erotica because I was always a shy person and still lean that way today, so talking about sex, fantasies, and physical needs was not easy for me. If I wrote them down then I could communicate my desires without letting anyone know that is how I felt.

When I write I usually just let it flow from the voices inside my head. I could be doing the most mundane things and a voice will start in with a story. I will then sit down and begin writing and the let story take me on the journey.

I have been asked what my favorite book is and I have a very difficult time trying to answer that question. I have such an eclectic taste in reading material that picking just one or a series is very difficult for me.

Not everyone thinks, feels, and acts the same way so your writing should reflect your individuality.

You can find her on Amazon!  https://www.amazon.com/T.R.-Stampz/e/B007YRX52M/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1541553523&sr=1-2-ent


Book Trailer Friday

Laid-back Book Bitches

Nov 06, 2018Laid-back Book Bitches rated it it was amazing
Wow, I loved this book so dang much! I was drawn in right away and still in the story after reading the end. I found myself pulling for Carrie and Alex right away! I totally understand why Carrie fault the attraction for so long, her ex was a real duce bag. The end had tears in my eyes thinking they weren’t going to get their HEA. I think I was in love with Alex from the very beginning of this book, the love he has for his mother was just amazing. You just know if a man can love his mother like that, the love he will have the love of his life will be just amazing. I loved the back and forth between these two. This is an amazing short read. The attraction between these two was the charts from the beginning. I felt like I could totally relate with these characters. This is a must read! I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. (less)

Anthology Thursday 11/8/2018

The Last Time I Saw You is an anthology on Sibling Death. You can buy your copies online for both EBook and Paperback.

Two years ago, my brother passed away and his absence has left an empty hole in me. The aching grief that I’ve experienced has been so hard to bear. I looked for people that could relate to me and my situation, I searched for books on the subject of siblings, I joined different groups, and I reached out to local grief counseling sites and support groups. But it just seemed that there was a general lack of sympathy for the mourning siblings.
As a writer, I wanted to change that, so I spoke to those that I’ve met in groups, and that have had such loss, and collected their stories within these pages. Through writing support, and love, we came together to remember our lost brothers and sisters in The Last Time I Saw You.

If you, too, are a sibling, and you have experienced this pain, feel free to find our group online at: The Last Time I Saw You Anthology, or any of the Siblings groups on Facebook.

The death of a sibling is one of the hardest things that you will ever go through. No matter what your age, losing a loved one is difficult. This anthology is a first hand account of the surviving sibling’s account on the last time they saw their sibling.

Flash Fiction Wednesday 11/6/2018

Hi, and thank you for stopping by for Flash Fiction Wednesday!

Start with:

Jessica ate the turkey with…

End with: And they all choked down their food.

Time: 10 minutes

Wordcount: however much you want

Genre: Comedy

Use the following words: Button, Paul Simon, Ribs and chicken

Please make sure you send us your stories for fun!  They are still yours but we would like to show off our readers!