Terrific Tuesday

This Tuesday we celebrate Pia F. Davidson!

The Taming of The Swine Paperback

About the author
My name is Pia F. Davidson and I was born in 1956. I grew up and have lived in several of Stockholm’s suburbs. My education includes meat, processed meat, cheese and fish, as well as supervision and management within retail. This is my first novel. I live with my husband and a part time dog in Stockholm Sweden. A very special part in my heart is left in Fort Myers Florida where my husband and I lived for 15 years.
Unfortunately, my parents are no longer living, but they have both been of great help throughout my writing process. My cunning father is even a character in the book. My mother introduced me to books early in life, and for that I am eternally grateful. Naturally, they would have been proud that I have written a novel worthy of being published. But it is quite possible they would have been horrified by some of the content. Please visit my page for more information www.piafdavidson.se

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