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Oh, and Happy New Year’s Eve!  We can’t wait to spend 2019 with you!

Sunday Funday

Check out Agatha Rae’s “The Belt”…

The BeltJohn Smith hates drama; he always has to have a plan, an escape route. He’s a lousy father, horrible husband and a terrible co-worker.
Then the dreams happen, and he slowly starts to lose his mind.
Trapped in his own thoughts, he has a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality.
And then there’s the belt!
Is he dreaming? Is it real life? What has happened to John Smith? And what will happen to those around him that he has manipulated?


Jan 30, 2016Jazmin rated it it was amazing
Wow. I read this book a few months ago and it completely messed with my head. You get to be inside the mind of main character, John Smith, and it’s not a very pretty mind. He is someone you will completely hate. The book is very well written and has a great flow with very well written characters. It’s not my usual type books I read, but I wasn’t disappointed.

It starts of with getting to know the multiple lives he’s living. He is a shitty person and a complete asshole who isn’t satisfied living h …more

Ashley Tomlinson

Wow John Smith is a mega douche and that is the nicest way to put. He’s a horrible character, not horribly written just someone you want to punch in the throat and watch wither on the ground in pain for a while. The author did an excellent job creating a character that is fun to hate.

John is a sorry excuse for a man. He is a shitty husband, father, friend and a cheater to top it all off. He lives his life to fulfill his own desires not caring about the people that he pulls into it. He starts to …more

Danielle Zwissler

Dec 30, 2015Danielle Zwissler rated it it was amazing
The Belt is an exciting book that I couldn’t put down from start to finish. John Smith, our main character, is a total dick. (I know, right?) He is a womanizer, a charmer, a prick of a father, and a worthless husband. He does have some redeeming qualities, but they are short-lived as he pretty much shows his true colors throughout the story.

He loves women–or rather, fucks them. He cheats endlessly, and he has no real good qualities, until the very end, and I won’t give that away…

Needless to …more


The Belt – Agatha Rae

This novella is unlike anything I have ever read (in a good way). If ends with an open ending, I like that, it leaves space for the reader to expand their imagination and keeps the story going.
Agatha makes you live through the nightmare with John and you kinda start thinking what you would do if you were in his position. It shows that if you have a conscious, and you are a horrible person, it will catch up with yoe eventually.
It was a nice easy read.
Blog – Nicolene.House.O …more

Doyle Swinimer

Jan 01, 2016Doyle Swinimer rated it it was amazing
Agatha Rae takes you into the mind of John Smith, a man who lives a life of privilege and entitlement mostly at the expense of those he keeps in his life. This is a story in which the main character is a despicable, lying, cheat and it will keep you coming back to discover what motivates him and ultimately what will become of him.
Yamilé Andreasson

Jan 09, 2016Yamilé Andreasson rated it it was amazing

John Smith is a man who doesnt have much respect for others feelings then his own. He is a douche to say the least. He’s a character one pretty fast learn to hate and wish him hell for all he does to the ones around him. The author Agatha Rae has done an excellent job writing and creating the character that one enjoys to hate. Well done Agatha for yet another great book!

Jan 14, 2016Joanna rated it it was amazing
Once again, Agatha Rae has written a story that one cannot put down until read to the final page. This time it’s a novella, and it’s a perfect read for when you need to travel, for example, because it’s not very long, but the pace, the plot, and the characters are so awesome, you do not want to put the book down.
John Smith is a total a-hole, a person a reader will love to hate. And just when you think you know everything about him, and you think you have a firm opinion about him – a total twist

Sep 26, 2016Meagan rated it it was amazing
The Belt by Agatha Rae is a dark and thrilling book that will take you into the twisted mindset of John Smith, a selfish, self-centered and arrogant man who only thinks of himself in any and all situations life throws at him, mostly at the cost of others.
It’s certainly a book you won’t want to put down any time soon, as you’ll find yourself immersed in Agatha’s brilliant writing from start to finish on John’s steep descent into madness.


Jan 14, 2016Jo rated it it was amazing
A really dark, but fascinating story about paying for one’s poor life choices…
If you’re into stuff written by Stephen King, you will LOVE “The Belt”. It’s a mystery/horror/drama story with a very juicy main character, which will make you question things, and won’t let you go until the very last page. Pure fun, pure magic!

Jan 14, 2016Tamara rated it it was amazing
An awesome horror-ish read. Not too long, not too short, but drains your emotions and makes you sit at the edge of your seat frantically turning the pages to see what happens next.
Another great job by Agatha Rae!

Erotica Saturday with TR STAMPZ

Hot Ridez

T.R. Stampz (Goodreads Author)
 4.33  ·   Rating details ·  12 ratings  ·  4 reviews
Daphne thought she loved Dan, but it took her brother-in-law, Vincent, to show her that love and security are not the same thing. After feeling dried up and alone in a marriage of convenience, one ride on Vincent’s Harley showed her that she still held heat and passion deep inside.

Abby has always been Daddy’s little girl, but after all Daddy doesn’t know everything. While at a livestock auction, she meets long time farmhand, Wyatt, who proves he knows more about her than her own family does. He has longed to see if the rumors are true and if his fantasies can become a reality.

Drew is racing’s bad boy and newest team owner. He says what he feels, even if it isn’t politically correct. Olivia is pegged to do an in-depth interview about the new team. What she didn’t expect was to feel an instant fire for him. A silly accident causes them to spend a night of passion that neither of them were planning. (less)


May 09, 2012K. rated it it was amazing

Shelves: ebooks
hotness! Great job TR 🙂 They all left me wanting more!
Ellen Thompson

Aug 12, 2013Ellen Thompson rated it it was amazing

Wow! I didn’t know what to think of this one until I got into the second story, then I was hooked! Hot Ridez is definitely hot. These stories are seductive, intriguing and downright pornographic in nature. Love the language, so tired of the ‘cores and manhoods’ of romance. Bring on the Pussy and Cock! ha! Sorry, it’s nothing I am used to, other than the one time I read 50 shades. *blush* Great read, and you can’t go wrong with free!

Danielle Zwissler

Oct 08, 2012Danielle Zwissler rated it it was amazing
I absolutely loved this book! Very hot! Each one of the stories had their own level of hotness. I think my favorite story was the third one; I hate when people give away plots in reviews, so I’ll just tell you this. It was very hot, and I think the author is fantastic!


Heatherrated it it was amazing
Apr 30, 2014

Charlesrated it it was ok
May 10, 2016
Laci Paige

Laci Paigerated it really liked it
Oct 20, 2012
Cathy King

Cathy Kingrated it it was amazing
Sep 05, 2014
T.r. Stampz

Apr 30, 2012T.r. Stampz rated it it was amazing  ·  (Review from the author)
Phyllis Seibert

Phyllis Seibertrated it it was amazing
Aug 05, 2014

Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Here’s the way our week looks–

Monday: Celebrate the season of love and merriment with your family and friends!

Tuesday: Merry Christmas!

Wednesday: The Start of Kwanzaa

Thursday: Anthology Thursday with “The Last Time I Saw You”

Friday: Book Trailer Friday!

Saturday: Erotica Saturday with Heather Lane’s “New Year Nookie”.

Sunday: Sunday Funday with a look at the past year…


Sunday Funday

Firefly & Wisp WinterHi, and thank you for being a fan of ours!  Today is our Sunday Funday, and if you’ve been coming here religiously, you know that we usually post about one of our authors or their characters, but today I want to take the time to talk a little about the best parts of Christmas…

At least for me.

God. Family. Fun. Traditions.

Give thanks. Be thankful if you have a roof over your head and food on your table. Give thanks if you are warm this Christmas, have family around you, if you’re still breathing.

Give thanks.

Spend time with your family, and tell them as much as you can that you love them. You never know when your time is up, and you won’t get that chance for a very long time.

Have fun. Stop and relax a bit. Christmas is a time that can get super complicated and overwhelming. Put things down, get out a board game and challenge a family member to some fun. They will remember that more than the cookies, or the uber clean house.

Do something traditional or make a new tradition up for fun. Last year, our family started a new tradition: ice skating on Christmas Eve. Years before that, we didn’t do anything until the evening. Now our whole Christmas Eve is booked with fun traditions that the kids can’t wait for each year. Hot Cocoa: Christmas Jammies, Christmas tunes by the Piano (even though we don’t sound that great), Chocolate Chip cookies, a Christmas Movie (Our new tradition – Spongebob Christmas – you should try it. It’s hilarious.) We play board games, and open the “brother-sister” gifts as well as one gift from mom & dad. We even through out food for the reindeer, and of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus…

Have fun this Christmas, be safe and if you don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with and you’re in Ohio, you’re welcome to stop by. We always have an extra plate to share.

Firefly & Wisp