Kristal Mckerrington’s New BOOK “THE SUMMER OF HIM” is out with Tamarind Hill Press!

One of our amazing authors, Kristal McKerrington, has a book out with Tamarind Hill Press, and we couldn’t be happier!  Congratulations, Kristal!  The cover looks as amazing as I’m sure the book will be!

summer of him kristal mckerrington

Get your copy today! Click here to buy!


Trace was the man of Kate’s dreams. She was the woman he never expected to meet. There are just a few small obstacles; the biggest one being themselves. 

They are from two completely different worlds. Trace is a cowboy who breaks hearts. Kate is an author who dreams of finding a man who understands her and can be supportive of her writing and modelling career which she’s worked so hard to build. Will finding themselves in the same place be the chance they need to give love a chance? Is it possible for Kate to forgive Trace? Can he consider the possibility of a happily ever after? Can he fight for her? 

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