Author of the Month

February Author of the Month

Jenny Snow

Jenny SnowJenny Snow is the pen name of Margarette Little. “Jenny” came from Margarette’s favorite aunt in Minnesota.

Growing up, Jenny thought that Christmas was the best holiday in the year, but started to think, “What if all holidays could be this fun?”

Out of that thought, came “The Holiday Girl” and her idea for loads of books came to fruition.

Today, Jenny is a nurse with “Doctors without Borders” and travels the world, telling children and adults her stories and adventures.

Follow Jenny’s next adventure on here, or you can travel to her publisher’s website:

The Holiday Girl

The Holiday Girl.jpg

Amy and Pete had been best friends for a long time, so when Amy suggested to Pete that they spend the next year together celebrating each and every holiday on the calendar, Pete agreed.

So what if he thought his best friend was a hottie, and had a major crush on her?

Pete didn’t know how to broach the subject of dating to Amy, and Amy didn’t know how to go about it either, but it was clearly on her mind. Although, as men usually are clueless, Amy had a lot of planning to do!

So, fast forward to 195 days of pain and suffering! Amy plans her holiday with Pete, and let’s just say things go exactly how she had planned them to go.

The Holiday Girl is a cute story of friendship, love, and sex… yes, hot and sexy, and completely dorky sex.

This is Jenny Snow’s first published Novella.

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January Author of the Month!

January’s Author of the Month Is Mark Harris!

Mark Harris

bigstock-Muscular-Male-Torso-263332.jpgMark Harris is from Pittsburgh, PA, where he defends his long-standing humility as a Browns Fan, his obsession for all things erotic and his deep love for smooth jazz.

 Did we mention that he also has a few muscle cars in his arsenal?

Mark is complicated.

You can find him, most days, in the Café near his hometown, sipping on an Americano and eating a fattening scone, all the while writing his next erotic story.

Did we mention that Mark has a lot more stories coming to you this fall?

You can learn more about him and his upcoming books on Firefly & Wisp’s website, as well as his author page. Don’t mind the blindfolds.

*The picture above is not Mark. Mark doesn’t like to be photographed unless he’s one of the following: heavily sedated, drinking, or completely unaware of anything.*

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December 2018 Author of the Month!

December’s Author of the Month is Danielle Lee Zwissler! 

37898672_1840243429400798_6028576865881423872_nDanielle Lee Zwissler has a gift for writing the most romantic stories with a modern flare and biting comedy. Her characters spring off the page and into your heart.

With several novels printed under five different publishers, translated into many languages and distributed around the globe, Danielle has become a world-wide phenomenon.

She resides with her husband and two children in the great state of Ohio, where she lives out her own “Happily Ever After” every day.


Contemporary Romance:

Her Last Chance by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

The Art of Seduction by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

Out of Focus by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

Perfectly Imperfect by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Dare by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Boy Next Door by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

The Boy I Love by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

The Man I’ll Marry by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

The Wedding by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)

The Falling for You Series by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Boxset)

Sports Romance:

Too Hot to Handle by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Series)


The Cowboy’s Bride by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Cowboy Takes a Slave by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Served by Danielle Lee Zwissler

A Barefoot Christmas by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Long Ride Home by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Lassoed by the Cowboy by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Cooking for the Cowboy by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Hot for Cowboy box set by Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Calendar Cowboy by Danielle Lee Zwissler


Al flaggNovember Author of the Month AL Flagg

 I’m 29 years young and full of life. I spend my time working, being outside, spending time with my family and friends, and I love writing. It’s what I do best. That’s all I want to do. At one point, I didn’t want to publish any of my manuscripts. I’m really glad I grew out of that!
I reside in Western Massachusetts, but I would love to move to Salem, MA at some point in the not-so-distant future.
I love the paranormal. I write YA paranormal and Romance, and I’m starting to pan into adult paranormal. I’m dabbling in Tragedy and Suspense more and more these days. My writing tends to be getting darker by the day.
I feel blessed to be given the gift of creating new worlds for readers to get lost in. My goal is to have someone say, “Oh, my god! There goes the author of that book I was telling you about!” It’s not about money, it’s about the readers. I want people to read and be excited about reading. It’s a timeless past time.

My website is
Follow me on Facebook as well! Author A.L. Flagg, the Eternal trilogy, Not Alone, and Amie L Flagg
I’m also on Shelfari, Twitter, and Goodreads. 🙂

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A Home for the Holidays Buy Link for Ebook

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40504707_462673204244895_869022753297006592_nKristal McKerrington is a multi-published author with several different publishers in the industry. She writes sports romance, fantasy, and contemporary romance.

In Scotland, however, she is well-known for her stylish pink hair, her amazing personality and her love for dance and the wrestling industry.

You can find Kristal everywhere online from Twitter to Amazon to Facebook. She has also won a Screen Writer’s Award for her Christian Romance “Finding God in Hope”.

Kristal’s first book with Firefly & Wisp is “Pinned” a sports romance with an erotic flare!

Her book, “Pinned” will be available at Midnight on October 12th!

Make sure you reserve your copy, if you already haven’t:)


Pinned 3DWhen Scottish Athlete, Alexander “Freakshow” McDade travels to the States for the first time in his career, he meets Carrie, a shy, do-gooder with a perfect figure and an annoying way of always being right.

And Alex doesn’t like to be wrong.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that she was now assigned to him from the World-Wide Wrestling Federation as his new agent?

They butt heads more than once over his career, and they verbal box better than anyone in the business.

And Alex won’t stop with the flirting.

He won’t stop talking about sex, orgasms, or the thrills that he wants to give her late at night. And he won’t stop speaking in that oh-so-sexy Scottish brogue.

She just has to remind herself that she isn’t interested in the brand of loving that he has to offer.

Carrie Segal hates wrestlers.

In her experience, they’re arrogant, chauvinistic and childlike. And this one, seems to get under her skin more than any before.

But he was so sexy, and he had abs that she wanted to lick for days. How can anyone that cocky be that damned perfect?

Carrie’s never been much of a fighter, but with Alex, she enjoys the verbal sparring, but how does he compare in the bedroom?

How can wrestling in the sheets be a bad thing?



Agatha Rae

Agatha Rae lives in the beautiful city of Gdynia, Poland. She made her fiction debut in 2013 with a novel “Oenone”. She is also the author of an adventure/drama/mystery “Tangents” duology, and

agatha rae author

two novellas: a thriller “The Belt” and a romance/drama “The Garden.”

Agatha is currently working on a new novel.

Representation: So Far So Good Agency, Renata de La Chapelle Agency

By Agatha Rae:

About Agatha’s Books and Amazon Buy links!
About Oenone                                                 Buy Link- Oenone
About Tangents                                               Buy Link- Tangents vol. 1 (published also in Sweden by Everlasting Publisher)
About Tangents 2                                            Buy Link- Tangents vol. 2
About Coming Home for Christmas            Buy Link- Coming Home for Christmas (co-written with Danielle Lee Zwissler)
About The Belt                                                 Buy Link- The Belt
About The Garden                                          Buy Link- The Garden


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August 2018 Author of the Month

Justin Glennon

Justin Glennon is Firefly & Wisp Publishing’s August Author of the Month.

Justin writes Fantasy, and he does it so well that you can almost feel the dragon’s breath on the back of your neck, you can hear the screams of the people that have fought so valiantly in his books, and you can hear the sounds of the gasps of people that come up against friend and foe. Justin is good at what he does.

Below you will find a link to his Facebook event, as well as his book on Amazon. His book “The Blood of the Dragon” is available on both eBook and trade paperback. Enjoy!

July 2018 Author of the Month

Pia F. Davidson


Pia is the author of “The Taming of the Swine”, and several other books that she has written in Swedish.

From Amazon: My name is Pia F. Davidson and I was born in 1956. I grew up and have lived in several of Stockholm’s suburbs. My education includes meat, processed meat, cheese and fish, as well as supervision and management within retail. This is my first novel. I live with my husband and a part time dog in Stockholm Sweden. A very special part in my heart is left in Fort Myers Florida where my husband and I lived for 15 years.
Unfortunately, my parents are no longer living, but they have both been of great help throughout my writing process. My cunning father is even a character in the book. My mother introduced me to books early in life, and for that I am eternally grateful. Naturally, they would have been proud that I have written a novel worthy of being published. But it is quite possible they would have been horrified by some of the content. Please visit my page for more information

The Taming of the Swine

One evening, the women share their concerns over some generous grog. The next day, they decide to help each other to solve each other’s problems. With targeting and imagination, they soon complete three projects, and find out that there is always a way out, even if it may not look as originally thought.

If you would like a sample chapter of “The Taming of the Swine”, please contact us through our contact page and request your sample. You will also receive a coupon code for the Trade Paperback!