September 2019!

Hi, everyone, and thank you for sticking around to see what we’ve been up to!  Last year was a year full of books and publishing surprises as we published some new books: The Holiday Girl, Wrong Number, Right Guy, Pinned and a few other shorts!

This year, we are going to be heading to a new route… I will update you all soon with the information, but for now, thank you for being with us during this transition period.


Have a great rest of your September, and we shall see YOU soon!

Have a BLESSED month.

Danielle @ Firefly:)


Our newest paperback “PINNED” is available today through our website first, and then to AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, Walmart online, etc…

If you are interested in buying a copy of the book, send us a message at:


The book is $9.98 USD

Links to  buy will be up shortly!



Flash Fiction Wednesday!

Hi there!  Welcome to Flash Fiction Wednesday!

Here’s your genre: Fantasy

Here’s your word count: 2500

Here’s your prompt: “Jessie, can you hear me?”

Here’s your picture!


Now, write your story and have fun!

If you would like us to feature your flash piece, please send us an email to:



Terrific Tuesday!

Today is such a great day, and I hope you’re feeling the magic of the sun and summer lurking around the corner!  It is contagious!  CATCH IT!

0 daysKristal McKerrington’s book, “Pinned”, is a new paperback that will be releasing THIS WEEK!  The ebook is already out! Watch for announcements for the paperback all over this site as well as twitter, facebook and instagram!  We are really excited about it!


Also, look for a contest or two for a free tee shirt!  What better way to get your summer started?!

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❤ Firefly & Wisp Publishing