Coming Home for Christmas

Coming home for christmas by agatha rae and danielle lee zwisslerComing Home for Christmas is a two book box set published by Firefly & Wisp/Midnight Books.

Coming Home for Christmas:
A trek across Europe sounds romantic, but not when faced with airline strikes, freak blizzards, and holiday traffic jams. Piotr, a sailor from Gdynia, made a promise to his pregnant wife, Dagmara, that he would be home for Christmas and the birth of their first child, and by land air or sea, he intends to keep his promise.
Immerse yourself in this tale of Piotr and Dagmara’s burgeoning love, the obstacles that life throws at them to challenge their bond, and the connection they feel with the new life that she carries within her.

Book 2: 
A Baby This Christmas
A Baby this Christmas: Operation Baby: Jenna Wheeler has a plan…a baby before she misses her chance. She also has a problem…she hasn’t met a guy that is marriage and family material, so artificial insemination is the only logical step. Until she makes a big splash with William Cartwright, CEO of Worldwide Electronics; at first he takes offence at her quirky, yet strong-willed demeanor, but soon finds himself intrigued, and then obsessed with this beautiful but peculiar waitress. Can he stop her from going through with her plan, and make her Mrs. Cartwright? Will Jenna really do this on her own, or can she trust this millionaire prick to grow up, and make the kind of commitment that she’s been yearning for? Throw in some mistletoe, and some Christmas hijinks, and anything can happen in this ‘laugh out loud’ love triangle of two in ‘A Baby this Christmas’.


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