Hot Ridez by TR Stampz

If you are looking for a little fun to heat up a long night of reading, try this erotic collection of sex. Do you love Harleys? How about a little ride on a very, big cowboy? Is NASCAR youhot ridezr thing? If it is, you won’t be disappointed in this driver! He will get your motor running and you all slick with desire. Hot Ridez by TR Stampz is sexy, erotic and kinky. Read the blub below for more details…

Daphne thought she loved Dan, but it took her brother-in-law, Vincent, to show her that love and security are not the same thing. After feeling dried up and alone in a marriage of convenience, one ride on Vincent’s Harley showed her that she still held heat and passion deep inside.

Abby has always been Daddy’s little girl, but after all Daddy doesn’t know everything. While at a livestock auction, she meets long time farmhand, Wyatt, who proves he knows more about her than her own family does. He has longed to see if the rumors are true and if his fantasies can become a reality.

Drew is racing’s bad boy and newest team owner. He says what he feels, even if it isn’t politically correct. Olivia is pegged to do an in-depth interview about the new team. What she didn’t expect was to feel an instant fire for him. A silly accident causes them to spend a night of passion that neither of them were planning.

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