Terrific Tuesday!

Today is such a great day, and I hope you’re feeling the magic of the sun and summer lurking around the corner!  It is contagious!  CATCH IT!

0 daysKristal McKerrington’s book, “Pinned”, is a new paperback that will be releasing THIS WEEK!  The ebook is already out! Watch for announcements for the paperback all over this site as well as twitter, facebook and instagram!  We are really excited about it!


Also, look for a contest or two for a free tee shirt!  What better way to get your summer started?!

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❤ Firefly & Wisp Publishing


Hey, everyone, and welcome to Firefly & Wisp Publishing!  We are now approaching summer and we couldn’t be more excited!

We have some great summer reads in store for you as well as ones that have already been out for a while. We have some paperbacks coming out!



For starters, Kristal McKerrington’s PINNED will be making its paperback debut this month!  I KNOW!  We can’t wait either!!

And, we will be announcing a summer fun contest this week!  I wonder which day it will be announced?  I guess you will have to come back everyday to see!

Thanks for being a fan of us:)

Firefly & Wisp