Jenny Snow

Jenny SnowJenny Snow is the pen name of Margarette Little. “Jenny” came from Margarette’s favorite aunt in Minnesota.

Growing up, Jenny thought that Christmas was the best holiday in the year, but started to think, “What if all holidays could be this fun?”

Out of that thought, came “The Holiday Girl” and her idea for loads of books came to fruition.

Today, Jenny is a nurse with “Doctors without Borders” and travels the world, telling children and adults her stories and adventures.

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The Holiday Girl

The Holiday Girl.jpg

Amy and Pete had been best friends for a long time, so when Amy suggested to Pete that they spend the next year together celebrating each and every holiday on the calendar, Pete agreed.

So what if he thought his best friend was a hottie, and had a major crush on her?

Pete didn’t know how to broach the subject of dating to Amy, and Amy didn’t know how to go about it either, but it was clearly on her mind. Although, as men usually are clueless, Amy had a lot of planning to do!

So, fast forward to 195 days of pain and suffering! Amy plans her holiday with Pete, and let’s just say things go exactly how she had planned them to go.

The Holiday Girl is a cute story of friendship, love, and sex… yes, hot and sexy, and completely dorky sex.

This is Jenny Snow’s first published Novella.

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Are you ready to read about Jenny’s second short? Her story, “Forever My Jewel” will soon be to ebook!

Here’s the cover:

Forever My Jewel 3D


From the author of “The Holiday Girl” comes a story of love, despair and courage. “Forever my Jewel” by Jenny Snow is a heartbreaking, beautifully real story of love and grief.

When a young man’s world suddenly ends with the death of his girlfriend, he is asked to give the eulogy and he speaks from his heart as he tells the story of their love and life together.

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