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Are you looking for a good book to read? TR Stampz’s “Hot Ridez” is the perfect short story collection that you can read off and on throughout a snowy day or read all in one sitting!  Make some steam, pick up this naughty selection!

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Anthology Thursday!

Today’s anthology is “Let it Snow!”


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Cover Reveal of Danielle Lee Zwissler’s “Too Hot to Handle”… A Sports Romance -Hockey Style-


Danielle Lee Zwissler



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Do you like a good romance? How about a sports one? Check out this pre-order from Kristal McKerrington!


mock16 - Copy - CopyPinned

When Scottish Athlete, Alexander “Freakshow” McDade travels to the States for the first time in his career, he meets Carrie, a shy, do-gooder with a perfect figure and an annoying way of always being right.

And Alex doesn’t like to be wrong.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that she was now assigned to him from the World Wide Wrestling Federation as his new agent?

They butt heads more than once over his career, and they verbal box better than anyone in the business.

And Alex won’t stop with the flirting.

He won’t stop talking about sex, orgasms, or the thrills that he wants to give her late at night. And he won’t stop speaking in that oh-so-sexy Scottish brogue.

She just has to remind herself that she wasn’t interested in the brand of loving that he had to offer.

Carrie Segal hates wrestlers.

In her experience, they’re arrogant, chauvinistic and childlike. And this particular one seemed to get under her skin more than any before.

Oh, but he was so sexy, and he had abs that she wanted to lick for days. How could anyone that cocky be that damned perfect?

Carrie’s never been much of a fighter, but with Alex, she enjoys the verbal sparring… She couldn’t help but wonder how he’d compare in the bedroom.

How could wrestling in the sheets be a bad thing?






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Monday 9/10/18


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Flash Fiction Wednesday 8/29/2018

Genre: Horror

word count: 1000

Start with: Jake ate the apple…

End with: and he put the eye in the drawer and then laughed.

Use the picture for inspiration!

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Erotica Saturday! 8/25/2018

Today is Erotica Saturday, and boy do we have a treat for you!  Hot Ridez by TR Stampz is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and soon to be Audible!

Check out her book trailer below!

Book Trailer Friday! 8/24/2018

Today is Book Trailer Friday! Today’s celebration is all about “The Belt” by Agatha Rae.

Check out her trailer below, and let us know what you think? Are you ready to read the book? Have you read it already? Let us know!