What to Expect on YOUR FIRST Cruise by DL Zwissler!

Today is Danielle’s release day for her non fiction book, “What to Expect on YOUR FIRST Cruise”. What to expect on your first cruise ebook


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Terrific Tuesday!

What’s so terrific about Tuesday, you ask? CLICK FUNNELS. Right now we are working on our first funnel. We hope that you will continue to follow us and our authors, and we are hoping to bring more people to our site and read our books!

This week, we are releasing two books by Danielle Zwissler–a non fiction book called, “What to Expect on YOUR FIRST Cruise” and a fantasy called “The Witching Hour”. We hope to see our sales go up!

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Monday Announcements for the week!

Starting today, we are going to do our weekly announcements on what’s coming up and what we will be doing on our different social media calendars…

So, for today, we wanted to announce that “The Witching Hour” by Author Danielle Lee Zwissler, written as Stella Begwell is coming to Ebook and Paperback THIS FRIDAY, and our non-fiction book by DL Zwissler, “What to Expect on YOUR FIRST Cruise” will be coming out Sunday!

Both covers are below!

Let us know what you think!